ETECH recently had the opportunity to speak with EAW company president TJ Smith, together with founding members Jeremy and Kenton Forsythe, at their stand at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE), held in Amsterdam between 5 and 8 February.

“There have been a lot of changes in the past cycle at EAW – but these have been necessary and extremely positive for the company,” Smith states. “Under our past parent company, many of our operations and functions were centrally managed – affording us a rather narrow range of control. RCF acquired EAW earlier this year, and under their umbrella, we have been resourced and encouraged to maintain our independence and pursue future growth on our own terms. RCF understands the pro-audio business, and therefore understands what it takes to be successful in a highly competitive market, and they are supporting us accordingly.”

Director of product management at EAW, Jeremy Forsythe concurs, stating that: “We now have the capital and inventory necessary to respond to market demand, which has been a challenge in the past. Also, we have been able to hire engineers and expand our research and development activities, which will result in new products entering the market that are designed to meet the very specific needs of our customers,” Forsythe states.

The leadership team at EAW have also extended a guarantee that all EAW products will be supported globally, and its distributors empowered to ensure that servicing and repairs will continue to be carried out efficiently and effectively.

“The structural changes at EAW have set the company on a trajectory to reclaim our leadership position in the market, and we are very excited about the future,”
-TJ Smith, EAW Company President

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