AdMobilize recently announced a partnership with custom interactive display
manufacturer Media Mea to equip its digital signage solutions with fully-integrated,
easy-to-use audience analytics functionality. According to Mike Neel, chief marketing
officer of AdMobilize, the AdMobilize-equipped Media Mea solutions will debut in Q1
2018. This will make it easier and more affordable for brands and agencies to utilise
real-time analytics to better understand their audiences.

“This partnership meets a very real demand from DOOH customers for an “off the
shelf’ digital signage solution that comes enabled with sophisticated audience
analytics capabilities,’ said Neel. “Now, media mea customers can, with the touch of a
button, turn on audience analytics functionality. There is no need for a complicated
installation, which, as a result, lowers the barrier to entry for users to take advantage
of this cutting-edge audience analytics technology.’

The AdMobilize audience analytics platform can track real-time ad performance and
customer engagement; segment campaigns and content by the hour and site; target
content by both audience demographic and emotion; and optimise store traffic flow,
amongst much more. All captured analytics are fed to a cloud-based dashboard or API
that allows end-users to assess results and performance, identify trends, and make
any necessary adjustments to the displayed content. Beginning in Q1 2018, all of this
audience analytics functionality will be available through Media Mea’s suite of custom
indoor and outdoor digital signage displays and kiosks – through integration with a
media mea-supported content management system.

“We understand that data analytics are a critically important component of the future
of the digital signage and DOOH advertising markets; brands don’t just want to
display advertisements and content, they also want to better understand those who
are viewing it and engaging with it,’ stated media mea General Manager Mohamed
Ghalayini. “Through this partnership with AdMobilize, we’re now able to provide our
global network of customers with market-leading custom digital signage solutions that
come fully-equipped with audience monitoring and reporting capabilities. Plus,
because AdMobilize supports a variety of signage formats, we’re provided with the
flexibility we need to include analytics in all of our custom display projects.’