Located in Łomianki, near Warsaw, Aplauz was established in 2003 and has grown
to become one of Poland’s most renowned suppliers of professional audio solutions.
One of the company’s guiding principles is choosing products by manufacturers who
indisputably provide the highest quality products – a description which neatly sums
up Alcons.

“We became aware of Alcons five or six years ago,’ says Aplauz president and
managing director Grzegorz Fotek. “We have watched as they have risen to the top
of the industry, as people recognise that their pro-ribbon technology delivers the
very best possible sound. Alcons is now one of the world’s leading audio
manufacturers and everyone we speak to who listens to their technology is always
very impressed.’

Last year, Aplauz and Alcons collaborated on a project that included a shoot-out
between a large number of the very top loudspeaker brands, which really put
Alcons on the map in the Polish market. This was followed by an event in Łodź
which was the first official presentation of Alcons in Poland. It included a
presentation by Alcons co-founder Tom Back on the background to the company’s
pro-ribbon technology, with demonstrations of a nine cabinet per side LR18 system
with BQ211 subs. The company’s VR series point source systems and QR series line-
source solutions were also demonstrated.

“It generated a lot of positive comments,’ says Tom. “All of the attendees were
unanimously surprised about the clarity, detail and sheer output of the systems.’

Aplauz works with many house of worship projects. These frequently have very
difficult acoustics, thanks to the large spaces and many flat, reflective surfaces in
church buildings. Grzegorz has found that Alcons pro-ribbon technology is the
perfect solution to taming them.

“We have supplied a system of QR24s, QM24s and VR8s to a company that does a
lot of music productions in churches,’ he says. “The pro-ribbon technology is breath
taking, the result is breath taking too – the sound quality on this project was

With more projects in the pipeline, Grzegorz is looking forward to showing many
more Polish venues and production companies the advantages of using Alcons

“In my opinion there is no doubt that Alcons are the best,’ he says. “Nobody else in
the professional audio market has this kind of technology and we are happy to
support them as one of the very top brands.’

“Aplauz has established itself as one of Poland’s leading and most trusted audio
suppliers,’ says Alcons co-founder Tom Back. “Bringing new technology to the
professional market is not only about a great product, it’s about the people who
locally put their reputation behind those products.’

“Grzegorz and his staff have chosen to communicate our commitment and belief in
the benefits of pro-ribbon technology to their discerning clients in the Polish market.
We feel a great responsibility to support Aplauz and the two companies will work
very closely to help them achieve the success in Poland that Alcons is experiencing

More info on www.alconsaudio.com
and www.aplauzaudio.pl