The Intelli-Series range of DSP-based system management and loudspeaker processing devices from Apex has gained a reputation for being both innovative and intuitive, always one step ahead of the game. The all-new Intelli-Power 10, seen for the first time at ISE 2019, is no exception.

Featuring dual DSP internal processing and high-end, studio-grade analogue circuit designs for premium sonic performance, Intelli-Power 10 combines a powerful 4 x 2500W amplifier with Apex’s renowned Intelli-Series DSP to set new standards in powered system management and loudspeaker processing design. Fully plug-and-play with integrated Dante audio networking capability plus fast and intuitive remote configuration, monitoring and control via Apex’s much-vaunted Intelli-Ware software, Intelli-Power 10 is suited to a wide range of applications.

Equally at home as a standalone system amplifier configured using the front panel controls, or as a comprehensive wireless networked system for stadium- or arena-sized tours, Intelli-Power 10 offers a range of features to easily integrate and optimize any system, starting with the DSP – like the rest of the Intelli-Series, IP-10 provides all the system management tools necessary for comprehensive system alignment and EQ through to provision of IIR and custom FIR-based crossovers. I/Os can be selected (in pairs) to be either analogue, AES/EBU or Dante, enabling a mix of audio formats to be used simultaneously.

Internal three-way Ethernet switches enable the device to interface easily into any existing or bespoke Ethernet network. Both automatic IP (DHCP) and static IP configuration is provided as standard for straightforward plug-and-play connectivity. A fully redundant Dante module enables easy integration into a Dante IP audio network.

In terms of synchronisation and redundancy, the IP-10 provides a three-tiered redundancy approach which ensures that if any one of the four sync sources (Dante, AES A/B, AES C/D and Internal) is lost, the device will automatically revert to a different source ensuring no loss in audio.

“Intelli-Power 10 extends our DSP offer even further by integrating a powerful, high-end amplifier with our proven DSP technology,” says Apex’s Paul Van Hees. “Configuration, monitoring and control are fast and straightforward thanks to our intuitive Intelli-Ware software, offering engineers and system techs access to all the tool they need to power and optimise their systems to deliver premium quality audio for all their shows and events.”