Ashly Audio, manufacturer of installed sound amplifiers, processors, and user
interface technology of legendary reliability and value, announces the appointment
of Frequency Sales as its manufacturer’s rep in greater Chicago, greater Milwaukee,
and the surrounding regions of northern Illinois and south-eastern Wisconsin.
Frequency Sales will represent Ashly’s full catalogue of products, which includes
amplifiers with a huge range of features (many with optional on-board processing),
stand-alone Protea-based processors (many with optional Dante connectivity), and
customizable interfaces, including intuitive fader-style controls and iPad apps.

Frequency Sales specializes in all aspects of the professional audio industry,
including live sound, studio & project studio recording, and, of course, installed
sound. “In sales, everyone knows that developing strong client relationships is key,
and the folks at Frequency Sales really distinguish themselves in that regard,’ said
John Sexton, Ashly’s director of sales for North America. “In the research that led to
our decision to partner with them, Frequency Sales’ clients consistently praised how
committed the Frequency Sales staff members were to meeting their needs. We’re
happy Ashly’s customers will receive that same level of service in and around

“Although we are focused on understanding technology and how it can help solve
our client’s problems,’ said Gene Williams, president of Frequency Sales, “our
strengths go well beyond that to considering the context in which the technology will
be working, figuring out the best way to design and implement solutions, and
training integrators and end-users. Ashly Audio has the best technical solutions in
the industry, and their client-centred philosophy is perfectly aligned with ours. It’s a
great fit, and we look forward to growing the Ashly user base in our territory.’