Audiosure recently held a dealer event at their head office in Midrand, where they
welcomed key players from their production and event company dealer base.

Guests were treated to a showcase and demonstration of Audiosure’s premium
brands, while they were also given the opportunity to enjoy a relaxed evening
ahead of peak season.

The products showcased included the brand new Allen & Heath D-Live Digital Mixing
Console, as well as their GLD Chrome and QU-Series ranges of Digital Mixing

Also showcased were Vivitek’s DU9000 12k projectors, beaming bright, crisp, clear
HD images onto the 2 screens aside the stage. Several other Vivitek models were
on display in our showroom, demonstrating the depth of Vivitek’s projector range.

Having recently acquired the AKG Professional agency, the event also presented the
opportunity to demonstrate the quality of the AKG microphone range in a live
environment with the flagship DMS800 Digital Wireless System performing
beautifully on stage together with D7 and D5 Vocal Microphones and the Premium

Branch Manager, Greg Payne, welcomed guests to the event.

“What you see here is the design and concept of the Audiosure team. Myself and
Brendan Venter, our Technical Manager, conceptualised the event and Stefan van
der Walt, our Lighting Manager, came up with the chandelier, which was constructed
entirely using our products, including our TrussT trusses and Chauvet Pro lighting.

The Chandelier demonstrated, on a very significant scale, the capability and
versatility of some of the new Chauvet Professional Lighting fixtures. The line-up of
fixtures used included Rogue Moving Yokes, Colorado Washes, Strike 4 Crowd
Blinders, Ovation Fresnels and Geysers for atmospheric effect. Also on stage was
the Chauvet Professional C6 LED Video Wall.

After the formalities, guests were treated to a spitbraai, as well as the musical
talents of the band Crazy “Lil Thing.

The sound was provided by Martin Audio’s MLA Mini, ground-stacked with 8 per side
over 2 subs to demonstrate the versatility and ease-of-use of this system. Martin
Audio’s WS218X subwoofers provided additional low-end with DD6 on front-fill

The LE1200 stage monitors and XD15 drum fill was driven by MC2’s E60 and T3500
amplifiers. The new XTA APA amplifier provided accurate power for the WS218X
subwoofers with system processing being handled by an XTA DP448.

“We are exceptionally proud of the premium brands which we represent and it was
fantastic to have an opportunity to showcase these brands and some of their
exciting new products to the industry’ said General Manager Alison Taman. “The
feedback we have had suggests that those who attended enjoyed the evening’s
entertainment and enjoyed seeing our premium brands in action.’