South African event production company AV Systems has invested in the latest digiLED MC10 video modules from international screen provider displayLED.

AV Systems has purchased 192 tiles of the digiLED MC10LSR model to supply events as diverse as a product launch for motor manufacturer Porsche, a classical concert for Rand Merchant Bank and the 25,000 capacity South African pop festival Jacaranda Day.

“We have a range of projects this year which require high resolution performance in an outdoor setting,’ said Alvaro Rodrigues, managing director of AV Systems. “We’ve worked with displayLED for a number of years and have seen the company constantly develop its digiLED product range to meet the changing needs of the AV rental market. The MC and MK ranges are based on 500mm x 500mm modules, which make them easy to configure into almost any screen size. The 10mm pixel pitch of the MC10 is the perfect resolution for these projects and ideal for our clients’ applications.’

The MC10 has already demonstrated its flexibility and capability in demanding conditions. Firstly, the launch of Porsche’s latest Cayman model required the screen to be shaped in order to tie in with the client’s theme for the event, “The code of the curve’.

“We provided a curved, six metre-wide screens for four outdoor events,’ said Rodrigues. “The modules can be angled at either seven or 14 degrees to each other, so we created a curve by angling the screen at seven degrees every two panels. We had to support the screen at the back on the grass surface using decks and base plates. It was a challenging build but the screens performed perfectly and the client was delighted.’

Meanwhile, whilst the Jacaranda Day festival, which was to feature artists including Johnny Clegg, Karen Zoid, Chiano Sky and Arno Carstens, sadly had to be cancelled due to very heavy rain, the event demonstrated the MC10’s ability to withstand the most severe weather conditions. The production was fully rigged at the time of cancellation and the MC screens had remained operational over 24 hours of near solid rainfall before the event.

Likewise at a commercial vehicle launch for General Motors (GM), the screen functioned in extremes of temperature. “In South Africa, you can have heavy intermittent rain combined with direct sunlight and heat,’ Rodrigues explained. “At the GM event we experienced 42 degrees of heat in the afternoon, with thunderstorms and showers in the evening. The screen held up to this extremely well!’

AV Systems is a returning customer and fan of the digiLED brand, having previously purchased the digiTILE Ti6S, which the company has used on many high profile events.

“We are delighted to be able to provide AV Systems with screens of the resolution, functionality and durability that the company’s clients require,’ said Graham Burgess, CEO of displayLED. “Alvaro works to the highest international standards with some of the most prestigious global brands and events. We believe digiLED offers him the complete range of video solutions for his forthcoming projects.’