AVnu Alliance, the industry consortium driving open standards-based deterministic networking through certification, joined engineers, integrators, product managers and executives from around the world at the inaugural Conference on Time Sensitive Networking and Applications (TSNA), on April 28 and 29 in Santa Clara, CA for a multi-day series of technical tracks aimed at educating and generating awareness for emerging Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) standards. AVnu Alliance hosted a reception for attendees at which the newly elected officers for the Alliance Board of Directors were announced.

Gary Stuebing, manager of engineering, IoT standards/architecture at Cisco, was elected as the new AVnu Alliance President, taking the helm of the organization at the TSNA conference. With a background in real-world IT management, Stuebing comes to AVnu Alliance with extensive leadership experience from other alliances and standards groups such as IEEE, Wi-Sun and HomePlug. Kevin Stanton, senior principal engineer at Intel was named AVnu Alliance Chairman. Stanton has been active on the Alliance Board of Directors and served as the Technical Workgroup Chair for the past five years. AVnu Alliance has also added a seat on the Board, which was filled by Todd Walter, senior group manager at National Instruments.

“As a founding member, Cisco is committed to supporting AVnu Alliance and guiding the evolution of the standards. Broad market expansion of AVB/TSN with wide deployment will benefit all members and markets and will assure long-term support for the capabilities in standard components,” said Gary Stuebing, AVnu Alliance President. “I am proud to join the Alliance Board of Directors with the goal to continue accelerating the momentum of AVnu Alliance and the growing interoperable ecosystem of AVB/TSN.”

“2015 will be a milestone year for the Alliance,” said Kevin Stanton, “In this, our fifth year, we see a rich and growing ecosystem of certified Pro Audio products, announced plans to launch the industry’s first AVB Ethernet certification for the automotive market, and have expanded our scope to include the Industrial segment. These are aligned with the huge strides taken within the IEEE to advance the AVB/TSN standards, which continue moving Ethernet forward. AVnu Alliance has evolved along with the standards, and the combined knowledge and experience of our Board of Directors will continue to drive the Alliance toward the vision of an open ecosystem of standards-based, certified-interoperable products that revolutionize networking for all time-sensitive applications.”