Five years ago, Barco introduced ClickShare to the market as an ideal solution to
facilitate content sharing in the corporate environment. Barco now proudly confirms
that more than 300,000 ClickShare wireless presentation systems have been shipped

An active, growing distributor and reseller network is further expanding the potential
of this BYOD meeting platform of the future.
Recent research emphasises the pressing needs of IT and Facility managers for
efficient, intuitive collaboration solutions like ClickShare.
Several awards attest to the versatility, high reliability and comprehensive nature of
Barco’s wireless collaboration portfolio, which offers an optimal solution for every type
of meeting room.

“With this new milestone, ClickShare establishes its market-leading position as the
preferred solution for worry-free collaboration in every meeting room, huddle room
and boardroom,’ comments Lieven Bertier, head of GTM strategy and services. “Since
its launch, our patented wireless presentation system has steadily gained in
popularity, with more than 40 % of Global Fortune 1000 companies using ClickShare
technology today. ClickShare has secured an impressive, global market share on its
promise of simplicity, zero-learning curve, and user-friendliness. With its large,
patented portfolio and trusted partner network, ClickShare is strengthening its
position as the meeting room platform of the future.’
The Barco Connect! The partner programme is the ideal key enabler to actively team
up with ClickShare’s global distributor and reseller network and expanding the sales
efforts. By mid-2017, the programme had an active reseller base of more than 5 000,
with golden resellers strongly fueling sales growth. Sales are powered by a strong
selection of golden resellers. The ClickShare range is well established in US and EMEA
region, with 37% sales growth in EMEA compared to last year. What’s more, the
company is expanding distribution in countries like Japan and China to further fuel its

Currently, ClickShare is more alive than ever, winning five awards so far in 2017,
totalling 25 awards since its launch. In February Barco expanded the ClickShare
offering with a new flagship model, the CSE-800: the perfect, high-end companion to
current models for huddle rooms and corporate meeting rooms. The product was
developed upon the request of customers to fulfil their need for smooth collaboration
in boardrooms and conference rooms. The CSE-800 complements the top-range
portfolio, making ClickShare one of the only players in the field to match the needs of
every type of meeting room.

Wainhouse research reviewed the brand new CSE-800 features immediately after its
launch: “The CSE-800 offers a compelling combination of flexibility, usability, and
performance. For those seeking an exceptional, enterprise-ready, wireless
presentation experience, it will not disappoint.’

The ClickShare solution, well-known for its ease of use, reliability and intuitiveness,
continues to address the needs of many companies struggling with meeting room
technology. As the recent survey conducted by Vanson Bourne and Barco on ‘The
Workplace Digital’ divide confirm, presentation issues can affect the reputation of a
company, workforce productivity and employee morale. With 7 in 10 of IT,
respondents reporting that presentation tech issues cause disputes between
colleagues over who is to blame, resulting in postponed or cancelled presentations (75
%), and potential damage to business reputations (50 %). By harnessing the power of
a straightforward technology like ClickShare, presentation issues can be a thing of the
past, enabling IT and Facility managers to drive efficiencies across the business in the
brightest, simplest and most productive way.