Barco’s Norweigen Fredrikstad location – previously projectiondesign® – was acquired by the company in 2012. Showing great leadership in the design and development of projectors, the branch was named “Barco’s Center of Excellence’ in single-chip DLP projection in 2015.

To strengthen its competitive position, Barco is now investigating the possibility of streamlining its activities and improve operational efficiency by re-locating the Fredrikstad manufacturing activities and merging it with the larger projection factory at its new facility in Kortrijk (Belgium). Manufacturing and related activities at the Fredrikstad premise currently employs 75 people.

In parallel, the role of Fredrikstad as Center of Excellence for the Barco Group for Innovation, research and development and business development activities related to single-chip DLP projection will be further strengthened and expanded.

More information will be forthcomming once Barco has concluded feasability studies.