Biamp Systems, a leading provider of innovative, networked media systems and
Shure Incorporated, a leading manufacturer of networked microphones, recently
announced integrated compatibility between Biamp Tesira® audio processors and
software and Shure Microflex® Advance™ array microphones with Steerable
Coverage™. With the release of Biamp’s new Tesira software and hardware at ISE
in February 2017, it will be possible to interact with the Dante-enabled Shure
MXA910 ceiling array microphone and control signal levels within the Tesira
software. This will enable system integrators to deliver flexible, fully-digital audio
solutions that meet the complex needs of their clients while reducing installation
and setup time.

“We’re excited to come together with an industry leader like Shure in an effort to
streamline the integration of our products,’ shared Graeme Harrison, executive vice
president of marketing for Biamp Systems. “Both companies value customer
feedback and leverage it in future product development. Adding Shure microphone-
specific software blocks to Tesira’s cutting-edge software made sense; it allows
system designers to easily incorporate the power of Shure mics with the power of
Tesira. Other developments in this launch will bring this capability to the whole
range of Tesira processors, and we will add additional functionality in future

“Interoperability between the MXA910 ceiling array microphone and Tesira
processors will make it easier for system integrators to take advantage of its class-
leading voice pickup and steerable coverage in a wide assortment of meeting room
applications,’ said Chad Wiggins, senior director for networked systems at Shure.
“Together, they deliver a more powerful yet more streamlined solution, with
centralized control, simpler installation, and fewer components.’

Tesira’s software is unique in that it enables system designers to build complete AV
solutions using features like its intuitive drag-and-drop interface for a variety of
software blocks. The Tesira software enables designers to plan a completely
integrated AV solution, including yet-to-be-built future phases.

More information about Biamp and Shure is available at and