Canon Europe announced the launch of two new LV portable projectors the LV-WX300UST and the LV-WX300USTi. These new projectors have been designed to meet increasing global demand for portable ultra-short throw projectors in particular in the business and education markets to help enhance learning and communication.

The LV-WX300USTi is the full specification, interactive model with a built-in camera allowing up to four infrared pens to be used simultaneously with the device. The camera allows interaction and control of projected information by touch and the LV-WX300USTi comes with drawing software to help customers make the most of the creative interaction features. Canon has also made the ultra-short throw projector available to customers without interactive features in the LV-WX300UST.

The LV-WX300UST and LV-WX300USTi are an ideal solution for projection in small rooms with limited space as they are capable of projecting an 80- to 100-inch crystal clear image from just 28cm away from the screen. When fitted on the wall or ceiling, the ultra-short throw capabilities of the LV-WX300UST and the LV-WX300USTi reduce the chance of presenters being impacted by glare from the projector and minimises the risk of shadows on the screen while presenting.

Weighing just 5kg, the two new models are easily portable while still offering a range of advanced features and image quality. Both models feature WXGA (1280×800) resolution and have two HDMI ports for connecting global devices and produce 3 000 lumens for extremely bright and clear images. The new projectors also offer impressive efficiency, with up to 8 000 hours of lamp life when run in Eco mode.

Roger Machin, product manager at Canon SA, says: “Many customers, particularly in the education sector, are looking for truly interactive experiences that will improve learning and the communication of information. With the LV-WX300UST and LV-WX300USTi, we can meet this demand with the high image quality that you expect from Canon.’

The LV-WX300UST and the LV-WX300SUTi will be available in South Africa from May 2015.