Clair Brothers newest distribution partner, Spain’s VTecnics, is proving already it believes in Clair Brothers products by deciding to upgrade its own touring P.A. to the innovative new C12 system. Immediately on the heels of joining up with the loudspeaker leaders as a distributor, the strategically opportunistic VTecnics wasted no time strengthening their new partnership with this purchase.

According to Josep Maria Serra, VTecnics production manager, “We are always looking for top-quality, distinctive products and at the time we were searching for a new P.A. system. The first brand that came to mind was Clair Brothers. It’s a company with a renowned name and heritage because of the great products they design.’

VTecnics put two and two together: They needed a new P.A., and Clair Brothers had no distributor in Spain. The recognition that their home country had nobody distributing Clair Brothers products was a light bulb moment for the talented team at VTecnics, whose main goal is to offer the best products and services in sound, lighting, projection and full-scale musical production. It’s why the idea to partner with Clair Brothers and to buy the C12 system made all the sense in the world.

“At about the same time we began to evaluate the idea of approaching the Clair Brothers team about distribution,’ continues Serra, “we had our first meeting with them at their headquarters in Manheim to hear demos of their i212 and kiTCurve12+ systems. Meeting their team put us at ease. That’s when I was sure approaching them about both purchasing a P.A. and entering into a partnership was a great idea.’

For the previous ten years, VTecnics toured with a system from another manufacturer and realised it was time for an upgrade. During their meeting, it was Josh Sadd, VP & chief engineer at Clair Brothers, who suggested that they also take a listen to the new C12. Says Serra, “The C12 sounded great, and Josh recommended that we acquire this system because it would work best for our particular needs. We agreed because not only does the C12 perform, it requires less amplification than what we’re used to and it weighs less. Weight really matters to us.’

VTecnics is putting their new C12 to work in earnest and introducing the new system, and all Clair Brothers products, to producers and venue owners all over Spain. In just the short time they’ve had it, they have used their new C12 system for concerts with well-known Catalonian bands such as La Pegatina, Sopa de Cabra, Oques Grasses, and Doctor Prats, as well as at mass political events, a fashion show in Barcelona, and the MotoGP motorcycle event. When asked which show is his favourite so far with the C12, Serra replied, “The first one, maybe because it was the most challenging and crowded gig we’ve had in nine or ten years. The show is called Aquelarre de Cervera. It’s a lively, highly-entertaining medieval renaissance production heavy with the sights and sounds of witchcraft, fire and demons. The show requires powerful, outstanding sound, which the C12 delivered. We also had a second, quite crowded stage. For this, we called on our friend Dominique from Audio Concept (the Clair Brothers distributor for France) who used his i212 system on that stage.’

Feedback from everyone, including musicians, bands, venue owners and concert-goers, are giving rave reviews about the new C12. “The remarkable thing is that even people with no knowledge of sound can feel the difference, can hear everything more clearly, especially vocals,’ adds Serra. “Sadly, it’s common to go to a concert and not be able to understand any lyrics. With the C12, that does not happen. You can hear every word. The great news for VTecnics is that Clair Brothers and their new C12 system make us stand out from the rest. We see many successful productions and sales on the near horizon.’