Clay Paky opened a Clay Paky Service Centre in Moscow in March 2015, providing technical support to all CIS and former CIS nations.

The office is run by Andrey Miroshnichenko and can count on three highly specialised technicians, who have recently attended an intensive specialisation course in product support at Clay Paky. The same technicians will attend regular training courses to make sure customers receive up-to-the-minute expertise and all the necessary information regarding the latest products.

The Technical Service Centre stocks a wide range of spare parts, purchased from Clay Paky, to ensure rapid competent support. The technicians can travel and provide on-site assistance at the customer’s request for Clay Paky products both under and out of warranty. The office is coordinated by Slawa Gartung, Clay Paky resident manager for the CIS region, and Giulia Sabeva, Clay Paky Sales Support Engineer. “Our goal is to provide accelerated competent assistance throughout the CIS region, without necessarily having to go through Clay Paky head office technicians; we focus particularly on solving emergencies involving products under warranty. We ensure immediate assistance throughout the CIS region within twenty-four hours. A Kazakh customer was recently astonished when we repaired a Sharpy the day after his request, thousands of miles from our office,” says Gartung.

The Centre is also organised to provide headquarters with specialist technical reports, “Feedback from our customers and repair case studies are important. The data are reported to Clay Paky so we can learn more about the market and make possible future improvements to products. A typical case is, for example, damage owing to voltage differences, which are inevitable in a large market like the CIS region. Knowledge about them will also enable us to ensure increasingly rapid and targeted repair operations,” comments Gartung.

“The CIS region is today one of the areas where Clay Paky is most successful and a Technical Service Centre is a crucial step towards ensuring our constant presence on such a vast market. The next step, which we have already begun to take, is to set up a widespread network of local service points in each of the CIS region states, to provide real ‘home care’. We have just opened two local Service Points in Belarus and Kazakhstan, and others will follow soon,’ concludes Alberico D’Amato, Clay Paky head of sales.