Award-winning USA audio company DreamWave has established itself as a premier
outdoor audio brand for audiophiles, with exciting growth in the American, European
and Asian markets. Now, thanks to an exclusive distribution agreement with a leading
South African company, Musical Distributors, DreamWave will be available in South
Africa from August at leading retailers.

Musical Distributors is a leading South African distributor – and carries brands
international including Fender, Roland, Zildjian, Ernie Ball, RODE microphones, Cort
Guitars and Mapex Drums.

DreamWave’s latest range of rugged, portable Bluetooth audio products have been
created with the design-conscious in mind and cater for quite literally every need.
Musical Distributors will carry a large range of DreamWave products, including the
delightfully cute, palm-sized Bubble Pods that are perfect for people on the go. The
elegantly-designed and powerful Harmony II and the military-styled Elemental 30W
Bluetooth high-performance speaker sound system, which sports an ultra-bright 110
lumens LED flashlight capable of projecting up to 400 feet of light distance with SOS
flash sequence to assist you in the dark when outdoors.

“We are excited about the synergies this product range shares with South African
lifestyles that demand sophisticated, rugged and superior audio products. The
relationship with DreamWave both complements our portfolio offering and provides
our customers with a total solution to their lifestyle and outdoor needs.

Key to the success of this quality brand in South Africa will be the luxury of choice
that the price range brings, allowing the consumer to pick and choose the products
best suited to their wants and needs in a number of occasions, whilst always
delivering powerful sound and status,’ says Dominic Bothner, marketing director of
Musical Distributors.

Ken Siow, DreamWave’s vice president of global sales, states that: “Dominic and I
share the same vision as DreamWave, which is driven by a passion for music, style
and adventure. Musical Distributors is very professional in conducting business,
detailing the marketing activities, survey and sharing what it takes to be successful in
South Africa with us. Together with Musical Distributors, we will create a sustainable
business model, making DreamWave an ideal choice for South Africans.’

The full range of products, with their robust features, are designed to weather the
outdoors, making this brand an ideal choice for South Africans. Whether it’s around
the pool, at the beach, in the forest or to accompany a braai at home, DreamWave is
dedicated to redefining the way music is integrated into your life.