DWR Distribution is pleased to announce the appointment of Bradley Bruchhausen who will provide sales and support to clients in Cape Town.

“Having a full time representative in Cape Town is something we always hoped for,’ said Duncan Riley of DWR. “It’s so much easier for our clients to make a phone call and be assisted with someone who is in the area and who can help straight away.’ The team at DWR have wonderful Cape Town industry friends, which means that there will still be regular visits, roadshow and training. Once new premises have been found, the new address will be announced. For now, Bradley will be available on his mobile.

Bradley (28) has been in the industry for the past 11 years and with a lovely and easy-going nature, it has been a pleasure to welcome him to the DWR family. He came up to Johannesburg for a couple of weeks at the start of the year which gave him the opportunity to become familiar with the basic running of the company, products, service and support.

Not a newcomer to the industry, his passion for technical started at junior school where his DJ abilities saw him playing at school parties and many nightclubs after high school. When going to a nightclub one evening (the clubbing days), Bradley met up with Philip Fourie who was pushing buttons at a venue named 96 Degrees. “Philip worked for Ultra Sound at the time,’ said Bradley. He invited Bradley to go to work with him, and before long, Bradley was working as a casual for the company owner, Costa Champanis.

Career highlights included working for Sight and Sound and running the technical at the Mount Nelson on a full time basis for about a year and six months. DWR met Bradley when doing an installation at Trinity, a night club, where he and Gideon Naude ran all technical aspects at the club for three years. The industry will mostly know Bradley for his eye catching lighting shows as he travelled around the country as a freelancer for the past 18 months.

“I’m very excited to be here,’ said Bradley. Should you need to contact Bradley, his mobile number is 072 554 6147.