The majority of reputable rental and production companies in South Africa are committed to purchasing the highest-quality audio and visual equipment that they can afford in an effort to maintain the high standards that clients expect when turning to professional technical services providers for their events and audiovisual installations.

However, as any technician worth their salt will agree, your equipment is only as good as the cabling that you use to connect it.  It was with this in mind that DWR Distribution partnered with KLOTZ AIS, a global leader in the development, production and distribution of audio, video, multimedia and fibre optic cables and cable solutions, in July last year.

“DWR supports a number of the world’s leading brands of professional audio, lighting, visual, and media equipment. We are committed to ensuring that our clients are in a position to get the most out of their investments, which made the partnership with KLOTZ AIS a great move for the business and the people that we serve,” says  Chris Pugh, KLOTZ AIS product representative at DWR Distribution.

He goes on to explain that, over the past six months, a number of key rental companies in South Africa have turned to DWR to supply cabling and connectors from KLOTZ AIS. “We have seen an increase in demand for KLOTZ’s product range, especially in fibre cabling, speaker cabling and a range of DMX and XLR connectors.

Key clients such as MGG, Blond Productions and Bass Mechanics, among others, have made significant investments in the range, and have had positive results,” Pugh explains.  “We pride ourselves on supplying quality products that are specifically designed to be compatible with the equipment that we distribute and support. KLOTZ AIS cabling is designed to meet the highest international standards and can be used to connect almost every conceivable component on an event rig or in a studio environment reliably and safely.”

KLOTZ’s commitment to research and development, design and high-end manufacturing processes has established it as an industry leader in the ProAVM & MI fields over the past 40 years. “Due to the high quality and intelligent design of the range, KLOTZ AIS can significantly reduce the risk of equipment failure due to faulty cables and connectors, which in turn assists technical service providers to deliver on their commitments to clients, both in the events and installations markets,” says Chris.

In addition to ensuring that rental companies have access to KLOTZ’s extensive range of cables and connectors, DWR’s installation team will be using KLOTZ AIS cabling as a standard on all projects moving forward. “We set the highest possible standards for ourselves when installing systems for clients across verticals, and we are confident that using KLOTZ AIS products will ensure the robustness and longevity that the installation market demands,” Pugh points out.

DWR also supports a cable manufacturing facility that is able to custom design cabling solutions for a range of applications using KLOTZ AIS products. “We are very proud of our ability to manufacture cabling solutions that are compliant with the highest international standards, and that are compatible with a diverse range of professional audio, lighting and multimedia equipment, but at a price point that is appropriate for our market,” Pugh concludes.

If you would like to find out more about the KLOTZ AIS range, please visit DWR’s dedicated product page.