DWR Distribution recently announced thier a partnership with Jacob Mogale, a respected technician in the South African Entertainment Industry, with the establishment of The Install Crew, a brand-new and independent installation company. It is hoped that the stregic partnership will allow the The Install Crew will grow into a viable entity, able to assist the industry with sound, lighting and AV installations, any electrical installation, and the issuing of electrical COCs.

Jacob Mogale, better known as Jakes, formerly owned DimBright and is known for his excellent service.

“For me, this is the ultimate partnership,” said Jakes. “We share the same values, we care about quality workmanship, and we have also worked on projects together for the past ten years which means we have built a relationship. This is an exciting venture for both my team and me.”

While The Install Crew will run as a separate company, they will operate from the DWR offices. “We are assisting Jakes to reach the next level,” said Robert Izzett of DWR. “In the past, we helped DimBright with branding, their accounts and their website. The partnership will see us join hands with Jakes to create a strong infrastructure where DWR is fully invested.”

The Install Crew will have their own vehicles, tools, scaffolding and everything required to work. “We hope to grow,” said Jakes. “The aim is to be of service to any theatre or company in the country who needs help with installations. For more complicated systems, we will be able to tap into the knowledge and skill of the DWR team.”

It’s an exciting venture. “There is a big need for this,” said Robert. “This will be an installation company with no products involved. It means that The Install Crew will offer skilled labour and good artistry, backed-up with outstanding service.”