With over 15 years experience as a respected South African lighting designer, DWR
Distribution is honoured to welcome Michael Broderick to the team. He will be
based in Durban, his hometown.

“I love Durban. Quite surprisingly, Durban is a melting pot of creativity,’ said
Michael. “It is home to a host of talented people and so many creative ideas are
born here. Even though the city of Durban can’t support the magic being created by
its inhabitants, the magic continues to flow. We don’t have the money or the
resources that our sister cities like Johannesburg and Cape Town have so we have
to make the magic less with technology and more with cunning and guile. On
another level, I have lived here my entire life, it’s the place I know, so it’s also a
part of who I am.’

For a number of years, Nick Barnes has manned the DWR Durban branch alone. He
is thrilled to have a colleague. For now, a broad description of Michael’s role at
DWR will encapsulate consulting on theatrical and entertainment ventures,
conducting training courses, conceiving and exploring novel ways of demonstrating
new products to the marketplace.

“It’s thrilling to be involved in the world of entertainment,’ said Michael. “We are all
still children at heart and I think the great Max Reinhardt summed it up pretty well
when he said “I believe in the immortality of the Theatre, it is a most joyous place
to hide, for all those who have secretly put their childhood in their pockets and run
off and away with it, to play on to the end of their days.’ I intend to keep playing.’

This opportunity gives a fresh start to my life and offers so much on all fronts; I
have new creative opportunities, I can teach and mentor (both very close to my
heart and I love the idea of being available to pass on whatever knowledge and
experience I have gained over the years to youngsters “cutting their teeth’ in the
industry). I will be part of a fantastic team and I will be home more with my
fledgling family. Becoming part of the DWR team has been very timeous and I am
so looking forward to this new season in my life.

For too long I have shelved many of my own creative ventures because I’ve been
too busy realising someone else’s. It is extremely satisfying to see that despite the
fact that DWR Distribution is a fairly large organisation, every single employee has
managed to retain their own identity. The obvious conclusion is that at DWR one is
given the freedom to express oneself in a way that suits them.

“There’s a quote that says ‘If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door’. In other
words, if the creative opportunities aren’t forthcoming, I’ll manufacture them.

Said Duncan Riley of DWR, “There is so much we will learn from Michael. He is a
good friend, we’ve had great times together in the past and really are looking
forward to the future.’