Powersoft has announced that Italian speaker manufacturer, Eighteen Sound is the
latest transducer specialist to recognise the company’s patented IPAL technology.

Eighteen Sound has designed its new iD Series transducers to couple perfectly with
Powersoft’s Differential Pressure Control (DPC®) technology. This is the core
technology of the innovative and patented IPAL® (Integrated Powered Adaptive

In order to implement this technology Eighteen Sound has adopted the Powersoft
amplifier hardware module, IpalMod, which overcomes the limitations of traditional
transducers to produce unparalleled output at low frequencies. It does so by
featuring a zero latency pressure-sensor feedback, applying real-time correction to
maximise Eighteen Sound high efficiency 18′ and 21′ transducers. This provides
unparalleled output at low frequencies.

In taking the decision, Eighteen Sound recognised that despite the improvements
made in design, materials and manufacturing process in the field of low frequency
reproduction, the traditional amplifier/loudspeaker approach still leaves major
issues unaddressed: transducers come with physical limitations and uncertainties
are caused as a result of loudspeakers’ intrinsically non-linear behaviour.

What the Powersoft IPAL brings is a low frequency-dedicated system that integrates
an 8.5kW high-power, high performance switching mode amplifier module (the
IpalMod) together with ultra-high motor force electro-dynamic transducers — the
18iD and 21iD Eighteen Sound speakers.

Giacomo Previ, Eighteen Sound’s sales & marketing director, is proudly commented
on the technology: “We at Eighteen Sound have always been working towards the
achievement of superb sound quality even in today’s most demanding sound
reinforcement applications. Powersoft’s IPAL technology allows system designers to
achieve an apparently impossible mission: The transducers and amplifier module
performances, enhanced by the equally stunning integration of each component via
the IPAL real time feedback control, makes for an amazing sound.’

Both IPAL-compatible transducers have a nominal 2-Ohm impedance. In order to
fully integrate them into the IPAL system, and optimise performance, a pair of
either model should be connected in parallel when matched to an IpalMod amplifier

Speaking of the latest adoption, Powersoft brand & communication director,
Francesco Fanicchi stated, “Eighteen Sound is the second major driver company to
buy into our patented technology. iPAL-based amplifier/loudspeaker systems offer
unprecedented acoustic performance and complete control of the system’s sound
reproduction — and we are delighted that Eighteen Sound has joined the family of
users. IPAL and the IpalMod bring many benefits, dramatically improving the
electroacoustic efficiency in terms of high SPL and sonic performance.

“On top of that, the IPAL system ensures consistent transducer performance over its
entire life cycle and balances transducer differentials in every subwoofer