Electrosonic SA’s AV Goes Live Roadshow kick-started its partnership with RGBlink in October.

RGBlink sales director Rod Sommerich flew in from Australia, and together with Electrosonic’s team, demonstrated RGBlink’s range of switchers, scalers and processors to South Africa’s Pro AV and live entertainment industries.

Attendees of the roadshow were in for a triple-treat, as they had the opportunity to experience first-hand Martin By HARMAN’s video fixtures; the VDO Atomic Dots, the VDO Sceptron 10s and VDO Fatron 20s, together with ProSpectre’s new LED Screens.

Sommerich’s focused his presentation on project solutions and identifying which RGBlink products work best for specific applications. He covered topics such as high performance processing with 4K input, video control consoles and seamless switchers and scalers with test tools for various applications.

During the showcase, Sommerich enjoyed interacting with Electrosonic and its clients and shared his take on the South African market. “If I were to compare; companies in Asia are often looking for the lowest-price solution and will sacrifice function and feature to that price. But here, I can see that while people are looking for an entry-level price solution, they understand that they are getting something of value for the additional costs, and understand the value proposition of our products.”

Hans Roosenboom, managing director at EventPro, attended the AV Goes Live Roadshow and indicated that he was particularly impressed by RGBlink’s M2 and T1 Control Consoles. “I enjoyed Rod’s presentation, and he obviously knows his products well. RGBlink have designed products that will offer a good return on investment and as well as flexibility of application. The M2 is quite nice for the conferencing industry as it’s got a lot of inputs. The X1 also stood out as well as the preview monitors and the XPOSE software.”

Bongani Dyala, who also works at EventPro as a technical sales representative expressed his excitement on the XPOSE 2.0 software. “Rod’s presentation felt like a friend telling me about this new exciting equipment that I didn’t know about and the XPOSE software really stood out for me. I struggle with clients demanding content, even though they hand things over late. With XPOSE, you plug in a USB and the content is automated. It gives you the results you want. It’s adaptable, has different applications and easy to move around in their travel cases. You literally pack up and go.” Dyala concludes.

If you missed out on the AV Goes Live Roadshow and would like to book a demo, please contact Electrosonic SA.