SixEye is pleased to announce that ETC, one of the world’s leading events lighting technology manufacturers, has become a SixEye Connected manufacturer, with its Mosaic range of architectural lighting controllers the first in the company’s product portfolio to benefit from SixEye’s unified remote management platform.

SixEye provides a cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) solution, enabling best-in-class remote management of professional control devices. SixEye combines the management and control of products from multiple manufacturers into one portal, easily accessible in a web browser on desktop and mobile.

Systems integrators can have their own SixEye portal at their own domain. The portal carries the integrator’s own branding, allows them to invite end users into any project site in the portal, and grant them bespoke access with SixEye’s granular permissions. Device management includes firmware and file upload, triggering, real time status, logs and more with encrypted network security maintained for peace of mind without any additional hardware or IT expertise. End users can use SixEye’s control panel, designed for mobile browsers, to perform actions across multiple devices in a project site at the touch of a button.

“We’re happy to offer SixEye functionality in our Unison Mosaic controllers, the premier system for transforming large scale buildings, attractions, or LED walls into eye-popping displays,” says Shawn Fernandez, product manager for Mosaic at ETC. “We have Mosaic controllers for every project, so it makes sense to let users access them from everywhere with SixEye.”

ETC joins Pathway Connectivity and Pharos Architectural Controls – which are currently live on the platform – and will benefit from SixEye’s latest features, including the ability to schedule tasks to run automatically.

“We are delighted that ETC has seen the value of the SixEye platform and is joining us as a Connected manufacturer,” says SixEye’s CEO, Simon Hicks. “For SixEye, having one of the world’s most respected lighting manufacturers on our platform is a leap towards becoming a standard for the remote management of professional control devices.”

ETC customers who want to take advantage of this feature should contact SixEye ( for a demonstration of the available features and how to obtain a SixEye portal.