KwaZulu-Natal company Extreme Events has announced a COVID-19 relief structure catalogue, including “a 350-bed temporary treatment facility that we can have built in 10 to 12 days.”

In the preface to the catalogue, the company states: “Many hospitals globally are confronted with an increasing number of infected corona (COVID-19) patients in the last few weeks and months. The number of newly infected patients is increasing daily, and the virus is now a very real threat within South Africa. The question has already been asked whether hospitals can cope with the number of infected patients who potentially could be admitted in the next few days or weeks, as there is limited space for patients to be accommodated comfortably.

“Many customers are resorting to container solutions as an interim measure. Containers offer the advantage of a fast, modular and isolated solution. However, many do not realise that there are also temporary structures and tents on the market that combine the advantages of containers with reusability.

“Temporary structures can be purchased or rented complete with interior fittings such as room layouts, heating and sanitary systems and are available in all widths and lengths. Containers are a fixed size and usable only for a single purpose, whereas demountable temporary structures offer a wide range of possible applications. In this context we would like to introduce ourselves as a leading supplier of temporary and semipermanent buildings and providers of complete solutions for the above-mentioned purposes.”

In an article published on Good Things Guy, the company stated: “We are ready to stand by you and your departments during this time. We have all our planning in place to provide you with temporary hospital/medical facilities to cater for large numbers of patients when and if the need arises.”

To view the Extreme Events COVID-19 relief catalogue, please click here.