Over 100 units of iMira screen are on their way to South Africa as part of the
Gearhouse Group’s year-end technology upgrade. The new screens are scheduled to
arrive ahead of the festive season events and New Year’s functions.

Ultra slim, lightweight and easy-to-use; iMira digital posters are a convenient, cost
effective and eye-catching way of displaying promotional content, way-finder
information, boardroom schedules or client welcome information. The system
operates on patented cable-less connection technology, which means that content
can be uploaded to the screens via USB or wirelessly. Marketed as a “plug-and-
play’ broadcast and communication system; iMira is particularly easy to use – no
complicated configuring, wiring or programming required. Just plug in your USB,
the on-board 5GB media player extracts the information in minutes and you are
good to go. There is also an HDMI input /output option to link to PC or to link up to
8 panels together as a “video wall’ if required.

iMira LED screens are high resolution with a 2.5mm pixel pitch which provides a
superb clarity, high contrast picture across a range of ambient light levels. This is a
powerful medium through which to communicate your message and they deliver
sufficient punch to stop passers-by in their tracks.

IMira will be available for rental around the country in mid-December through the
Group’s venue technical supplier, INHOUSE Venue Technical Management and live
events service provider, Gearhouse South Africa. They will also be available for
sale from the Group’s distribution and sales company, System Solutions and are
already being welcomed as a differentiator in a retail environment saturated with
conventional information boards, point of sale displays, window dressing and
promotional advertising. Low maintenance digital LED posters also provide a more
environmentally-friendly alternative to print.

Each high-gloss panel stands at just over 2m high with a width of around 600mm
and provides a vibrant kinetic display of your message – wherever, however and
whenever you want it communicated. Content can be displayed across single or
multiple panels in one location or simultaneously transmitted to various screens in
different locations via a network management system. The panels can be
suspended, wall mounted (portrait or landscape) or stand-alone using a built-in kick
stand that tucks discretely away for easy storage.

The System Solution offers after sales support and service for iMira with swap out
units, an in-stock spares inventory and a repair facility down to board level.

Experience the “stopping power’ of iMira in venue receptions, conference
boardrooms, hotel foyers, in shopping malls, at airports and at exhibitions in all the
main centres, soon.