Gearhouse South Africa has made the largest LumenRadio investment in Africa to
be used for The Forever Living Products 2016 Global Rally at the Ticketpro Dome in
North Riding Johannesburg.

“I was impressed when seeing the LumenRadio system at the roadshow DWR hosted
at the UJ theatre a few of years ago,’ said Stuart Andrews, Lighting Operations
Manager at Gearhouse Johannesburg. “The LumenRadio guys had really done their
research and development and could answer any query I had so thoroughly that I
had no doubts that it would deliver. It’s such a vital link in the chain that to go with
a system that doesn’t offer complete peace of mind simply wouldn’t be acceptable.’

Gearhouse Cape Town was the first to purchase a LumenRadio system. “We used
this wireless system before in Johannesburg with great success,’ he said.

The new gear was installed and set up at the Dome for the Rally. “So far all is good
and stable,’ Andrews said, prior to kick off.

The new LumenRadio gear includes 4 In-RTX2 CRMX Nova RDM Dual Transmitters,
10 In-RRX1 CRMX Nova RDM Receivers, 3 In-DRX1 CRMX Nova DMX Receivers, 3 In-
RFX1 CRMX Nova Flex FX and 4 LumenRadio Black ¼ ” cases.

“I like the build quality and the versatility of the system,’ said Andrews. “We will be
able to use it for big and small events and will help massively with some of the big
special projects we work on.’

Nick Britz from DWR says that LumenRadio is a exceptionally stable product. “In
time, I am convinced that more technical suppliers will see the benefits of going
wireless,’ said Britz.