GLP’s new JDC1 hybrid LED strobe delivers power in excess through a versatile and
highly creative design, the likes of which are unparalleled, the company states. Since
receiving its world premiere at Frankfurt Prolight+Sound in April the fixture has been
adopted by some of the world’s leading lighting designers.

According to GLP, its JDC1 redefines the hybrid paradigm and creates a new class of
strobe. The JDC1 has been designed in three sections, which can be controlled
independently or as a complete synchronised unit.

The fixture contains a traditional single tube element with a clear, bright, white
output, derived from 216 white LEDs, and then combines a surrounding, format-filling
full face of RGB LED power, utilising 1 320 high quality LED’s. Whether running
independently or together, these elements offer the brightest output unit in its class.

Adding versatility to the design options, the two RGB plates can be divided into six
separate “pixel’ sections on each plate and can then be operated with full pixel
mapping control. This alone creates stunning effects, whilst the LED tube can pop
through with high intensity flashes. In a never seen before feature, the JDC1 also
allows pixel mapping of the LED tube, which is broken down into 12 individually
addressable sections. This enables the tube to create incredible motion effects, either
when forward facing or through shadow play behind a performer. Whilst the tube is
operated in this mode, the RGB plates can give a solid background colour to
strengthen the effect.

With this level of flexibility, the JDC1 offers a huge amount of colour, layering and
operational effects, up to the point of pixel mapping the entire array.

Together with it ability to work as a powerful strobe light, both the tube and the RGB
plates can be run continuously for high output blinder and wash light effects, which
never reduce output or have thermal cut-out. With their wide beam angle, this allows
for wide coverage of backdrops, stage areas or audience sections. The JDC1 also
offers dynamic movement, with a 16-bit, 185° tilt range, allowing one to place effects
exactly where and when you want them to be.The design of the JDC1 allows adjacent
units to be aligned through locking pins, which also align with their award winning X4
Bar series products.

Further features include on-board menu setup with battery operation, TRUE1 power
input with variable voltage for worldwide usage, quiet operation and a low weight of
just 12kg.

GLP’s Mark Ravenhill states, “This has been a real success story for GLP — early
adopters have been quick to pick up on the unique features of the JDC1 and we are
seeing it being used in some highly creative ways in the short time since we started