Green Hippo’s Internship Programme welcomed a number of talented students at the headquarters, and the company is honoured to be able to give potential future designers, programmers and operators the chance to explore the industry and its products hands on, hopefully helping them to explore previously unknown territories and strengthen their skills.

One of the recent interns was second-year Theatre Lighting Design student Norvydas Genys who interned for one month. Genys attends the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, in London, and did a month long placement in the technical support department at Green Hippo, taking care of demo equipment as well as testing new products. “It was a great chance to explore every component of the machine in detail. I have also learned quite a bit about networking which has already come in useful on the projects I have been working on,’ says Genys.

The reason Genys chose to Green Hippo is because he had heard good things about the products. “Artists want to achieve something new and spectacular on stage, to surprise their audience with concepts that haven’t been seen before, and as a designer you must keep filling your toolbox with new skills that will help you to achieve THAT look on stage. It was only a year ago that I was introduced to the world of video. Since then I have mainly done content design. However, the projects I am working on at the moment require more and more technical knowledge and I just felt the need of it to support my design ideas.’

Genys aspires to be some sort of creative activity by staying open-minded and have a bite of everything to figure out what sort of medium works best for him: “I know that the skills I have acquired during my time with Green Hippo will sure come in handy in my future practice.’