Audiosure is proud to announce their appointment as commercial-install equipment distributor for Denon Professional and Rane Commercial.

Long recognised for their innovative design and manufacture of products for the installed sound verticals, these brands play a critical role within the ever-changing commercial installation market. The growth and success of Denon Professional and Rane Commercial is dependent on a sales/distribution entity with a thorough understanding of all aspects of the international commercial install equipment marketplace. inMusic identified exactly those qualifications and capabilities in Audiosure. With over 20 years of experience, distributing some of the world’s top professional and consumer audio-visual brands, Audiosure guarantees to deliver top-flight service for both Denon Professional and Rane Commercial via strategic routes to market and their wealth of proven first-hand expertise.

Denon Professional are leading manufacturers of professional grade audio/video recording and playback solutions, delivering innovative, premium products for the distribution, capture, and management of multimedia signal sources. Denon Professional is trusted by the most demanding users and system integrators around the world for their uniquely-engineered quality products and highly-innovative approach.

Rane Commercial is an established innovator in problem-solving audio tools, professionally engineered with a focus on science, price/performance, no frills and hype. Designed exclusively in the United States, Rane Commercial’s product portfolio focuses on audio distribution, paging and networked systems featuring innovative analogue and digital audio products for each category.

InMusic’s Vice President for Denon Professional and Rane Commercial said, “The key to resounding marketplace success in a hotly-competitive business is to have precisely the right partners in each marketplace. We are extremely confident that Audiosure is the right partner to represent our commercial install divisions in South Africa.”

Alison Taman, General Manager for Audiosure, added, “We are delighted to be joining inMusic’s commercial install family. At Audiosure, we can feel the energy and passion within inMusic to deliver products that meet and exceed the needs of this demanding market segment. The product mix within inMusic’s Pro-Install portfolio deliver an exciting range of recording, playback and multimedia signal source management solutions, from brands trusted by the most demanding professional installers and system integrators around the world – working within this vertical presents a fantastic opportunity to maximise sales opportunities and promote growth within the South African market segment for these industry-recognised brands”

For all enquires in respect of Denon Professional and Rane Commercial kindly contact or any one of our four national offices