Jasco Broadcast has announced local availability of Leyard’s LED MultiTouch Video
Wall, the industry’s very first completely seamless touch-enabled LED video wall. It is
available in three sizes: 108-inch, 151-inch and 196-inch; and features up to 32
simultaneous touch points. This revolutionary new technology changes the game for
professional broadcasters, and opens up numerous other collaborative possibilities
across broadcasting, corporate applications and even within educational institutions.

“Thanks to patent-pending Leyard Pliable LED Touch Surface (PLTS) technology, these
new video walls are not only smooth, seamless and lightweight, they are also highly
durable. With up to 32 simultaneous touch points, multiple users can interact
individually at the same time, without their experience being affected by what
anybody else is doing. Aside from professional broadcasting studios, where the video
walls can be used to enhance live productions such as sportscasting and weather
forecasting, these video walls can also be applied in a corporate setting or at events to
take customer presentations to the next level. There are also many possibilities for
educational institutions to leverage the potential of these screens for interactive
collaboration applications,’ says Paul Divall MD at Jasco Intelligent Technologies.

One of the most important advancements of the Leyard LED MultiTouch Video Wall is
the fact that it is completely seamless across the entire expanse of the screen, which
offers enhanced visual performance with uniform colour and brightness. The antiglare
surface also eliminates distracting reflections, and the PLTS technology ensures the
screen has no parallax effect, meaning that images remain consistent and true across
the entire video wall both in direct and off-axis viewing.

“The Leyard LED MultiTouch Interactive Video Wall represents the latest in global
broadcasting display innovation, offering a sleek look and unparalleled quality along
with a dynamic, interactive multi-user experience. We are proud to be able to bring
leading-edge international technology to the southern African market, ensuring local
broadcasters and other users can access best of breed solutions to compete on a
global scale,’ Divall concludes.