A creative team mixed with innovative technology has kept Sound Stylists as one of the preferred technical providers in South Africa whether providing turnkey solutions for productions or supplying gear for dry hire purposes. In a market that’s all about supply and demand, the company started investing in L-Acoustics just over a year ago and since, have steadily added to their system with rewarding results.

Colin Loock is the branch manager for the busy rental company based in Kyalami, Johannesburg – there is also a branch in Cape Town. “L-Acoustics is a reputable brand, and from a business perspective, it’s what the client and the industry want,” explained Colin. “Our ARCS WiFo constant curvature line source system works for both small and large events, and with regard to selling the product to the market, it’s a no-brainer. It’s a quick and easy system, and the moment the client or artist sees the L-Acoustics logo, they know they’re in good hands.”

Sound Stylists started with a basic system – ARCS Wide-with four subs and four tops. They then invested in an additional eight X15 HiQ monitors and have recently added  ARCS Focus, LA12X amplified controllers and SB18 subwoofers, which now gives them eight ARCS WiFo over eight Subs. “And we are in the process of acquiring a bit more on the monitor side,” adds Colin.

The impression the brown boxes emanate make them desirable for corporate events. “They just look the part, professional without that rock ‘n’ roll feel. That’s what I love about the boxes. The sound is fantastic. For any engineer walking in, it’s an effortless mix going from one box to the next, and you’re always going to get the same type of voice on all the boxes. From a systems point of view, if you know one amplifier, you know the whole range. The functionality is so uncomplicated that you can plug and play, get everything running, add the pre-sets, and off you go.”

Sound Stylists take special care of their boxes, each flight cased to ensure they are kept in pristine condition. “Still, the finishes on the units are solid. We’ve toured with many boxes and from a durability point of view, L-Acoustics is incredible.”

There has been no looking back. “They are working very hard and have been on the water on the MSC Cruise Ship, various DJ set-ups, and on conferences. They are the ‘go to’ boxes at the moment and work every day. There is generally a contest amongst the crew that goes something like, “I haven’t had the chance to work on them yet. When is it my turn?”

In addition, most freelancers are more than familiar with L-Acoustics, and of course, the added benefit is that the brand is generally the first or second choice on a technical rider.

With an appeal that extends to the younger generation, L-Acoustics is the brand of choice and Sound Stylists are enjoying their run.

The system has been put through its paces. “From a product point of view and being on the road, we haven’t replaced any drivers. The  compression, the limitation on the amplifiers, just the presets are amazing. We’ve seen it, we’ve heard it, and we’re driving it just like it should be driven. From a failure rate, there has been none. It’s really a good box, and I reckon we’ll get another five to seven years easily.”

With ‘Silly Season’ fast approaching, the L-Acoustics boxes are becoming even more popular. “The future is to invest in more,” said Colin. “We have to.”