Lighting designer Joshua Cutts and the SOS Charity Fund have joined hands to help
young Daniel Meledimo, a student from the Tshwane University of Technology, to
complete his tuition.

“Daniel, a young gentleman from TUT, arrived on our first day of Idols South Africa set
up and to see if he could assist and gain valuable knowledge,’ says Joshua, who has
worked on Idols for the past eight years. “Daniel remained with us for the full
duration; every day we were there – he was there. He never asked for any payment.
He was very grateful for the knowledge and experience.’

It was evident that he was an extremely hardworking and dedicated student, with the
right temperate and someone who would clearly do well in the industry.

“After chatting to Daniel I realised that he may have to drop out university as he could
not afford to pay his outstanding account,’ said Josh. Daniel needed R40 000.00 to
complete the year.

Joshua approached Duncan Riley of DWR to see if they together could raise the
necessary funds.

“If you’re in, we will be in,’ said Duncan without hesitation, and each party has
contributed R20 000 to assist. “I hope to see great things from Daniel, the passion is
already there. It’s an honour for us to help when we can.’