Live Design International (LDI) has retained its reputation as one of the leading events for the professional live design market by delivering a record-breaking event at the Las Vegas Convention Centre in October. The show provided a platform for the world’s leading equipment manufacturers to bring a range of new technologies to the market.

The 2018 edition of Live Design International (LDI) hosted 390 exhibitors, including the world’s leading original equipment manufacturers for the professional live design industry, and was attended by more than 14,000 delegates, representing more than 80 countries. The show also included an impressive array of product world premieres, with the majority of the leading equipment manufacturers bringing new products and innovations to the show floor at the Las Vegas Convention Centre.


Robe Lighting impressed with the debut of the T1 Profile recently launched locally during the DWR Robe Roadshow. The Robe T1 is built around a new Multi-Spectral Light (MSL) LED light source and designed to address the requirements of theatre, television, and touring. Robe also brought its revolutionary Robe RoboSpot Follow Spot system to the US market for the first time. The RoboSpot allows follow spot operators to remotely control up to 12 fixtures simultaneously and can be used in a wide range of venues.

Martin by HARMAN introduced the Martin MAC Allure Profile, which includes the first fully-featured moving head to combine a proprietary, solid state RGBW additive colour mixing engine, a 7-segment pixelated beam and onboard P3 and DMX controllability. The Martin ELP LED ELP fixtures a highly efficient gear-based Fine Focus adjustment knob and 16-bit dimming with four selectable curves and 26 colour presets.

Elation also introduced a number of innovations at LDI 2018, including two all-new visual effects that feature TwinkLED™.  TwinkLED is a novel, patent-pending LED twinkle effect that uses dedicated high-brightness pixels inside large front lenses to provide additional layers of creativity for the lighting designer. Both the recently launched RAYZOR 760 and IP65-rated Proteus RAYZOR 760 incorporate the unique system.

Signify announced the global launch of the new Philips Vari-Lite VL10 BeamWash luminaire, the first lighting fixture to be designed around the new high-performance Philips 25R Platinum 550W lamp. The VL10 BeamWash produces 28,000 lumens of output from the concentrated power of the new lamp, making it the brightest and most versatile fixture in its class.

ETC and High End Systems joined forces in one large-scale, combined booth where they debuted several new automated fixtures. A firm favourite was the Relevé Spot fixtures, a mover that combines nearly a decade of LED optical engineering with forty years of theatrical experience.

Claypaky introduced the Sharpy Plus, a hybrid moving light built around an Osram Sirius 330W X8 lamp. Features include fast movement and a linear 3° to 36° (1:9) zoom in both spot and beam modes.


One of the more exciting announcements at LDI this year came from Vectorworks, Inc., MA Lighting, and Robe lighting. These companies have jointly developed a new data format, General Device Type Format (GDTF), to standardise the exchange of device data between consoles, CAD, and pre-visualization software.

GDTF creates a common data exchange language that will be the basis of a fully connected workflow. Luminaire manufacturers now have an open and universal data exchange format that can be read by any console manufacturer and be included in any CAD or pre-visualisation software. The format is human-readable, royalty-free, and easy to implement and maintain.

According to the announcement at LDI, “no longer will custom, one-off interpretations of DMX values and conversions for specific control data be needed.”

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