Lighthouse Technologies has relocated its production base to a facility that spans
over one hundred thousand square meters at Zhongkai High-tech Zone in
Guangdong. Lighthouse has established itself as an LED video display market
leader, providing high-performance technology. This new facility means that
customers will gain the benefit of supply chain consolidation, manufacturing
equipment catering for complex, customized solutions.

The 17, 000sqm production building, which doubles Lighthouse’s production
capability, is equipped with advanced, automated manufacturing facilities,
delivering extraordinary flexibility, thus shortening production lead time. This
enables Lighthouse to solidify and further develop its position in the global LED
video display market.

The world-class 1, 600sqm indoor testing site, allows a maximum 1, 200sqm of LED
display to be tested simultaneously, while the outdoor testing site can accommodate
a maximum 32m (w) x 10m (h) LED display for customer on-site sign-off.

A 2, 000sqm independent testing laboratory supports research and product
development, which includes product safety testing, product reliability testing,
product life measurement in line with the concept of robust design, with strong
design, engineering and evaluation capability for design optimization and validation.

“We highly value scientific methods and technology. That’s why we have invested
heavily in the laboratory and our R&D team,’ says Mr Ando Makoto, General
Manager of Lighthouse Technologies. “Lighthouse’s new production base offers a
more complete product range, technology and end-to-end integrated manufacturing
services for products across multiple applications. We are looking forward to
achieving a higher standard and further development in the LED video display
technology industry and cannot wait to see the most innovative and creative
products on the market coming off our production line.’

“This is definitely a milestone for Lighthouse,’ adds Peter Chan, Managing Director
of Lighthouse Technologies. “We are excited to see Lighthouse once again raising
the bar in LED display quality and manufacturing standards.’