On January 23rd, 2017, Shandong Luxin-Rio Visual Technology Company Limited
held the signing ceremony for Luxin-Rio’s 100% acquisition of Volfoni in Jinan,
China. Mr Jiang Dong, chairman of Luxin-Rio and Mr. Thierry Henkinet, CEO of
Volfoni, were present at the signing ceremony. Details of the purchasing agreement
are not disclosed.

The French company Volfoni is a well-known 3D equipment manufacturer in the
World. Luxin-Rio has been cooperating with Volfoni since 2012 and at that time the
joint venture companies Volfoni-Rio Asia Company Limited and Qingdao Volfoni-Rio
Visual Technology Company Limited were set up. Luxin-Rio had previously already
purchased 10% of the shares in Volfoni back in 2014. Now, this 100% acquisition of
Volfoni means that Luxin-Rio owns the core technology for 3D equipment. This
represents a corner-stone of Luxin-Rio’s desire to build up its cinema industry chain
and international industrial layout. The acquisition of Volfoni also confirms Luxin-Rio
will continue to play an important role in the cinema industry.

Luxin-Rio is dedicated to the integration of global resources, combined with culture,
technology and financial services. Luxin-Rio provides the most competitive visual
technology solution for his clients.