Scheduling Module for RPC Platform

At LDI 2015, LynTec will demonstrate the new timed-event scheduling and
astronomical clock capabilities of its RPC and RPCR Automated Relay Panel
products. Enabling timed control of on/off events at the circuit level, the product
innovations provide customers with the market’s simplest scheduling system to both
program and use. The astronomical clock keeps track of local sunrise and sunset
times in order to synchronize systems automatically, which simplifies the
programming of sunrise and sunset events without needing to purchase any
additional software, hardware, or costly third-party scheduling systems.

Expanded RPC Lineup

On display at LDI 2015 will be three new circuit count panels for LynTec’s RPC line
of remote-control breaker panels. The new panels make it possible for LynTec
customers to add more circuits in the same horizontal wall space to control a
greater number of components as needed. The three new RPC panels take
advantage of a change in the National Electrical Code that allows them to support
48, 66, and 84 circuit breaker positions, respectively. The new panels are also
available as main lug only (MLO) and main circuit breaker (MCB) in 225-, 400- and
600-amp interiors.

CTR High-Current Latching Contactor Panels

LDI 2015 visitors will see LynTec’s CTR Series of high-current latching contactor
panels for the company’s RPC Series controllers. In conjunction with the controllers,
the CTR panels give users the option to control loads — either individually or as part
of a system sequencing group — that require more power than the maximum 30
amps a motorized circuit breaker can provide. The CTR panels come loaded with up
to four latching contactors that are used to control high current loads. The
contactors are fed with nonmotorized, three-pole circuit breakers from an RPC
panel and then operated by the RPC controller.

New I/O-R Board for the RPC Platform

Visitors to LDI 2015 will be the first to see LynTec’s new I/O-R board (“O-R” stands
for “outbound relay”) for the RPC platform, which expands RPC control options to
include high-current contactors and outlet control. The I/O-R board allows users to
control devices outside of the RPC panel — that is, any device that can be controlled
with a low-voltage dry-contact closure — as part of the RPC control platform. As a
result, users have more flexibility to connect and control complex systems on a
single control platform instead of using multiple control systems, which dramatically
simplifies control setup and equipment operation. Users can assign an address to
any of the remote devices and control it individually or as part of a system

Egress Lighting Program Update for RPC Panels

LynTec’s RPC family of panels has received an update on its egress lighting
functionality, offering remote controllable panels for emergency lighting and power
equipment. The RPC panel turns circuits on instantly and automatically for
emergency egress lighting, regardless of control protocol or zone assignment,
eliminating the need for separate emergency lighting panels and high-voltage
switches. The panel helps ensure that users comply easily with federal, state, and
local egress or emergency lighting codes as required for any new or upgraded
lighting installation.