“Mamba Republic’ – a satirical theatre comedy currently running at The Theatre on the
Square in Sandton – lends support to the SOS charity.

The show premiered at Durban’s Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre earlier this year, before
its ran on the main programme at the National Arts Festival in July, and is currently
being performed at the Theatre on the Square in Sandton, ending on 19 August.

With their unique blend of sharp wit, hopeless optimism and clever characterisation,
the duo comprising Ben Voss and John van de Ruit sank their fangs into the fiascos
and foibles of South African life. Whether it was their unique take on fees must fall,
state capture, online dating, the economy, sport, technology, casual racism, an
alternative national anthem, or even the most unusual football match in living
memory, Mamba Republic had the audience in pain – their cheekbones hurting from all
the laughter.

Mamba Republic follows in the footsteps of Green Mamba (2002) and Black Mamba
(2005) which together racked up over 800 performances in five years, winning
numerous awards and developing a cult following all over Southern Africa.

In an extremely generous move, the Mamba Republic team donated R13 000 towards
the SOS Charity Fund from ticket sales.

“As a theatre show, Mamba Republic is very pleased and proud to be pledging support
to SOS,’ commented Julia Clarence, from the Mamba Republic team. “We became
aware of the charity through conversations with long term colleague and friend
Michael Taylor-Broderick. He offered us his superb eye in an advisory capacity and in
turn, we decided to pledge some money to the charity as a thank you. Michael’s vision
has been key to the look and aesthetic of our show, and we are grateful to have had
his wisdom on our team. It is not often that theatre show can find such a direct
avenue to give back to charity, so we are delighted that this venture was made
possible by Michael and DWR Distribution.’

The SOS Charity Fund is an initiative by DWR Distribution to assist people in the
entertainment industry when they experience a crisis in their lives.