Martin Professional has been marking its 25th Anniversary throughout 2012 with a number of activities and one of the more ambitious projects is an historical Evolution Gallery that recently opened at the company’s headquarters in Aarhus, Denmark.

The Martin Evolution Gallery, a permanent installation, retraces Martin’s unique history in the entertainment technology industry from its roots in the “80s as a fledgling producer of fog machines and disco effects to the leading company it is today.

The historical timeline is set against a background of major world and Martin events and showcases the company’s record of technological advancement and product launch frequency through the years, an evolutionary journey that continues to develop.

Besides a fascinating look at technology’s unrelenting march over the past 25 years, the timeline offers the visitor a chance to examine the changes in product design over the years, as well as trends and shifts in market focus. It is also full of intriguing industry and company anecdotes.

Martin welcomes all visitors to its headquarter office to experience the Evolution Gallery and see exactly how the company developed into the world’s leading dynamic lighting company.

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