Metric Halo, manufacturers of Macintosh audio interfaces and software and maker of high-end professional audio interfaces and plug-ins, chose to support the Seattle Composers Alliance (SCA), a non-profit organisation of working composers, students, and others interested in professional music composition.

Metric Halo will donate two Production Bundles for the SCA’s online auction in the weeks leading up to its annual Spring Fling fundraising gala, music showcase, and silent auction on 9 March 2015. The Production Bundle is Metric Halo’s complete collection of great sounding, easy-to-use plug-ins, including ChannelStrip (the enduring classic), Character (signal path modeling), HaloVerb, Precision De-Esser, Multiband Dynamics, Multiband Expander, TransientControl, and the new Dirty Delay.
Brian Monroney, guitarist, composer, long-time Metric Halo user, and Seattle Composers Alliance board member says: “We’re pleased to have Metric Halo’s support, their interfaces and plug-ins give composers high-end studio quality sound, with reliability, flexibility, and a proven record of future-proofing that further increase their value’.

“Metric Halo is dedicated to expanding the bounds of human excellence and the sum of human knowledge, by bringing likeminded composers together, the SCA fosters innovation and motivates members to achieve greater creative heights. And because Metric Halo strives to provide useful and inspiring tools for professionals in the music and audio industries, we’re a natural fit with the members of the SCA.’ concludes Stu Buchalter, Metric Halo’s VP of worldwide sales.