Meyer Sound has announced that GerrAudio Distribution will resume responsibility for
design, technical support, sales and servicing of Meyer Sound products throughout
Canada. Established in 1977, GerrAudio is headquartered in Brockville, Ontario, with
additional sales and technical support locations in Quebec and Western Canada.

Stressing the importance of GerrAudio’s strong, broad-based connections with
Canada’s professional audio community in making the announcement, Meyer Sound
Executive Vice President Helen Meyer says, “Our customers expect fast, responsive
service and the highest level of technical expertise. The GerrAudio team has a proven
track record on both counts, and their dedication to customer satisfaction has earned
the trust of audio professionals across Canada.”

“We are thrilled to be back representing Meyer Sound with our ‘boots on the ground’
proximity to our customers across Canada,” says GerrAudio Founder and President
Bob Snelgrove. “With factory-trained techs and a full stock of spare parts, servicing
can now be done with very fast turnaround combined with a deep and personal
understanding of a customer’s specific needs. Our objective is to respond quickly and
effectively, no matter how complicated or simple the customer need or question.”

Snelgrove also plans to help to heighten customer awareness of the latest
developments in Meyer Sound technologies. “The LEO Family of loudspeakers is a
brand new day for sound technology,” he remarks. “After hearing a LEO Family
system, even seasoned audio pros react that they hear something new from Meyer
that is exciting and different. With the resources at our disposal, we will be doing
many more product demos throughout Canada to showcase how Meyer Sound’s
products have again raised the bar.”

GerrAudio had served as Meyer Sound’s Canadian distributor over a prior term
spanning nearly three decades. During that period, GerrAudio played a key role in
developing long-term relationships with major Canadian performing arts facilities and
production companies serving international touring artists. GerrAudio Distribution is
also the authorised Canadian distributor for other signature audio manufacturers,
including DPA microphones, DiGiCo digital mixing consoles, ClearCom intercom
systems and Audio Precision test equipment.