Johannesburg-based rental company MGG Productions recently added a number of Harman Group equipment along with one of the first Shure Axient wireless microphone systems to their inventory in a bid to add increased versatility to their existing systems and offer more options to their clients.

In addition to their existing Soundcraft digital consoles and stage racks which included two Vi1s, a Vi6, one local rack and three Vi6 stage racks, a further Vi6 surface, a local rack and two more Vi6 stage racks (64 input, 32 output) were purchased from local distributors Wild and Marr.

“We can now offer a complete Vi6 monitor and FOH solution to our clients’, says MGG Productions owner Mark Gaylard. “The Vi6 is a bit of an older platform but it is well established so a lot of people will accept it on a rider and additionally if they want a Vi6 monitor desk we can now supply it. We also bought additional Vi6 stage racks so we can offer splitting. The other big thing is that we can offer complete redundancy if needed. It’s a very good value for money console.’

These new additions bring MGG’s Soundcraft stock to two Vi1s, two Vi6s, two local racks and five Vi6 stage racks.

Also from the Harman camp and bought from Wild and Marr were a combination of PRX710 and PRX712 self-powered loudspeakers. Twelve PRX710s and twelve PRX712s were added to MGG’s stock.

“The PRX712, I think, is a fantastic sounding speaker for corporates and for monitors. It looks great; it’s lightweight and good to stick on a stand or to attach to a sub. We’ve already got our existing stock of PRX 600-series speakers so now we’ve got ten (the PRX710s), 12 and 15-inch powered speakers which kind of takes over from where our Eons were.’

In addition to the PRX710 and PRX712s, MGG stocks 12 PRX612s, 12 PRX615s and eight PRX618s.

Also of note, a Shure Axient system, the only one of its kind available from a rental company in South Africa, was added to the MGG stable in the last year. This system includes six channels of the Axient system with the battery bay and RF management. Total Axient models purchased included an AXT630 antenna distribution system, an AXT600 Spectrum Manager, an AXT620 Ethernet switch, three AXT400 dual channel receivers, an AXT900 rack mount charging station, an AXT610 ShowLink access point, six AXT200 handheld frequency diversity transmitters, and six AXT100 bodypack transmitters.