At the 2016 NAB Show, NUGEN Audio will preview its upcoming Audio Management
Batch (AMB) processor, a powerful new solution built on the concept of the
company’s award-winning Loudness Management Batch (LMB) processing tools. In
addition, NUGEN Audio is demonstrating its workstation loudness management
solution, Loudness Toolkit 2, featuring a comprehensive new Adobe® Premiere®
Pro CC integration for the LM-Correct 2 loudness quick-fix tool.

Significantly faster than many other comparable solutions, NUGEN Audio’s LMB
Processor already offers high-speed automated loudness measurement and
correction for .wav, MXF, and ProRes files, together with NUGEN Audio’s DynApt™
Technology for loudness range targeting and content repurposing. AMB Processor
will take these capabilities to the next level by offering much greater scalability.
Through features such as threaded algorithm processing and multiple processing
threads that are addressable for simultaneous parallel handling of files and queues,
AMB will enable post facilities to speed workflows significantly and reduce delivery
times. In the future, NUGEN Audio will expand AMB’s loudness processing
capabilities with additional functions such as batch upmixing and downmixing.

With pricing to be announced at a later date, NUGEN Audio’s AMB Processor is
scheduled for release during the third quarter of 2016. Also later this year, NUGEN
Audio will make the new capabilities of AMB available to current LMB owners via
several upgrade or cross-grade options and will release the additional options for
batch upmixing and downmixing.

Adobe Premiere users can now access the full breadth of capabilities in Loudness
Toolkit 2. The latest release of LM-Correct 2, Loudness Toolkit’s quick-fix tool,
marks the first time Adobe Premiere users can seamlessly access LM-Correct 2 as a
Common Extensibility Platform (CEP) panel within the editing environment, allowing
LRA targeting through LM-Correct 2’s DynApt extension. Now available as a free
update for all existing LM-Correct 2 users, the Adobe Premiere Pro CC integration
rounds out an entire NUGEN Audio loudness solution for Premiere Pro, which also
includes the VisLM-H2 Loudness Meter that stores up to 24 hours of history, and the
ISL 2 True-Peak Limiter.

Also at the 2016 NAB Show, NUGEN Audio will feature Site, a new floating license
system designed to enable faster and smarter license management for enterprise
users of the company’s audio upmixing and loudness tools. Designed for customers
with 10 or more seats, Site uses dependable server-based licensing technology to
streamline and centralize license management across a network. With Site, clients
can automatically allocate pooled licenses on a per-seat basis when required for a

In addition to the Site licensing system, NUGEN Audio will introduce a new lease
licensing option for the company’s popular Post Pack and Producer Pack plug-in
bundles. These new licensing options bring greater choice for customers and
remove upfront costs. Software can now be activated whenever required, providing
the option to upscale and downscale according to project needs and budgets.

More information on NUGEN Audio loudness solutions and licensing options is
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