Meyer Sound has appointed Pablo Espinosa to Chief Loudspeaker Designer, adding to his current role as Vice President of Research and Development. As Chief Loudspeaker Designer, Espinosa will oversee the company’s loudspeaker development strategy, from hardware and user experience design to engineering, as well as long-term conceptual planning for the full loudspeaker line-up.

“Pablo has contributed tremendously to our company’s growth in recent years,’ says Helen Meyer, executive vice president at Meyer Sound. “He has been central to so many of our successful products, and helped build a solid engineering foundation for the company. As Meyer Sound continues to grow and our product portfolio expands, we are confident Pablo will help maintain the company’s focus on building innovative, high-performance loudspeaker systems.’

Promoted to VP of R&D in 2008, Espinosa has driven strategic technological direction while working closely with John Meyer, Meyer Sound CEO and co-founder. Espinosa’s work has directly contributed to the launch of the M’elodie® and MINA® line array loudspeakers, the 700-HP subwoofer, the 1100-LFC low-frequency control element, and the LEO™ linear large-scale sound reinforcement system. In collaboration with the digital team led by John McMahon, executive director of operations and digital products, Espinosa has also helped to ensure seamless integration of company loudspeaker and digital technology, as shown in the steerable CAL™ column array loudspeaker.

Prior to joining Meyer Sound in 1997, Espinosa spent more than a decade in the field as FOH, monitor, and systems engineer. He was a technical production lead for multiple TV shows for Mexican broadcast company Televisa and also participated in the recording of live albums by Metallica, Carlos Santana, and Juan Gabriel. Espinosa has a master’s degree in engineering.

“Meyer Sound has built a reputation of innovation and exemplified a long-term approach to serving the industry,’ says Espinosa. “I look forward to building on this legacy and pushing the loudspeaker technology envelope even further in the years to come.’

As part of the new structure, Meyer Sound is recruiting for the position of Director of Product Development to manage R&D project teams and resources.