DWR Distribution is pleased to announce two new members to their team. Two good
friends and a pair who have worked together before, namely JP de Vernon and
Kevin Stannett.

De Vernon has come on board as the sales representative for Africa and started at
the company a month ago. He takes over Johnny Scholtz’ position who will now
handle architectural sales at DWR. Initially De Vernon will have the hardest task,
travelling to Africa and dealing with new clients and people he has never met
before. That said, he has just returned from Namibia and already set up good
relationships there!

With Dave Whitehouse relocating to the UK, Stannett joins the team to handle sales
in theatres, schools, broadcast, television studios and casinos. “When Dave told me
he was leaving DWR and moving back to the UK it broke me,’ said Duncan. “One
evening I phoned Kevin and asked if he would be interested in joining us. I think
what is good is that Kevin, a talented lighting designer, has a background to Back of
House so he is not trying to sell a product that his not comfortable with. He will also
be able to sell knowing the infrastructure behind products.

“For me it’s all about the people and having the right people. People I can trust and
depend on and people our clients can trust and depend on. That’s really what it’s all
about. It’s not about product, this can change, but rather dealing with humans who
actually care.’

De Vernon and Stannett met four years ago when both worked at the Emperors
Palace. Stannett, a freelance lighting designer, known for his work with Nataniel,
worked closely with De Vernon, the Theatre Services Manager. “When we worked
together we always did things proper,’ says De Vernon. “We might have discussed
things for an hour, but it was done properly, you wouldn’t have to redo it. Between
the two of us, there’s pretty much not a solution we can’t come up with. It’s what
we’ve always just done.’

Smiles Stannett, “Plan twice, work once!’

Two years ago, according to De Vernon and Stannett, they joked and said that one
day they would work at DWR. For DWR it’s ideal how everything has slotted into
place. “I look forward to this amazing opportunity,’ said Duncan Riley. “That these
guys chose DWR to be their place is important for me and it’s an honour to have
them. Yes, there will be days that aren’t perfect, but I think it’s the right move for
everyone and we will all benefit.’