Questmark are very excited to announce their new partnership with Yealink, the
global leading unified communication (UC) terminal solution provider.

As a highly accredited, skilled and innovative reseller of videoconferencing, and
now a certified partner of Yealink, Questmark are able to offer all future and
existing clients the latest hardware for all of their conferencing and meeting needs,
ranging from desktop video phones to large executive boardroom systems.

The Meeting Platform, Questmark’s cloud based meeting service, is launching in
January 2017 with a vision to empower individuals with their very own, simple to
use, meeting space, much like you having your own email address or phone
number. With Yealink’s video conferencing systems and endpoints being some of the
most flexible, adaptable and highest quality that Questmark have accredited with
The Meeting Platform, this combination of Yealink hardware and Questmark’s cloud
service aims to make videoconferencing affordable and very easy to use for many
more individuals and organizations in the UK. The Yealink-Questmark partnership
will provide them with high quality video experience, the ease of deployment and
use as well as low costs and high security.

Leia Pearce, Marketing Manager at Questmark states: “The quality, ease of use,
affordability and user empowerment that is achieved with the Yealink systems
working in conjunction with The Meeting Platform and Questmark’s applications
eliminates barriers for SMEs to invest in video as a modality of choice for their
operations. UK SMEs have over 60% of their staff working away from the office and
this service/hardware combination will massively reduce and, in many instances,
remove the gap of being field based. This, in turn, will strengthen the business and
create a happier, more productive workforce overall, with less miscommunication
and a better work/life balance, adding value in more than just a monetary sense.’

Having formed the partnership, both Questmark and Yealink also revealed that they
will have some very exciting developments in the pipeline for 2017.

Yealink Vice President Stone Lu adds: “We are very pleased to work with
Questmark. The pairing between The Meeting Platform and Yealink’s video
conferencing endpoints is a strong and ideal choice for British businesses. With new
products in the pipeline, and a reputable business such as Questmark joining our
partner network, we are very excited to see what the future holds.’

For more information on the Yealink’s videoconferencing endpoint solutions, visit
Yealink’s solution page. Free trial for The Meeting Platform, you can visit or
give Questmark a call on 0330 300 0000.