Renkus-Heinz recently announced the appointment of a new exclusive sales
representative for Cyprus, V Hypersound & Light. A highly respected supplier
representing a portfolio of high-end brands, the company is described by Renkus-
Heinz technical sales manager for Europe, Michal Poplawski, as enjoying “an excellent
reputation and very strong links into the Cypriot market, for whom Renkus-Heinz
technology can provide uniquely powerful solutions.”

Co-founded in 2013 by Vassos Mouzouras and Kypros Shekkeri, V Hypersound & Light
has built on its co-founders’ deep experience to rapidly become one of Cyprus’ most
respected distributors. Headquartered in Nicosia, with a dedicated showroom and
demonstration facility, the company is renowned for its solution-based approach and
commitment to customer care.

“Renkus Heinz is a perfect fit for us, and we are very excited about this new
relationship,” commented Mouzouras. “It’s a family company, and that means you get
great support, plus the Renkus-Heinz philosophy is the same as our own, that we’re
not selling loudspeakers, we are providing solutions that solve problems. In particular,
we feel that Iconyx, one of the industry’s most respected speaker technologies, has
great potential in Cyprus. We are very involved in the house of worship market, where
auditoriums are often highly reverberant. We need a solution that can solve that
issue, and Renkus-Heinz Iconyx is the best choice.”

Over the coming months, V Hypersound & Light will bring Renkus-Heinz to its
customers with a comprehensive marketing campaign across the island, including
local media, an online campaign and face-to-face training later in the year. “We will
bring Renkus-Heinz to our customers through newsletters, our social media channels
and even local radio if needed,” explained Shekkeri. “We are particularly looking
forward to introducing Renkus-Heinz to local architects and consultants in a series of
events after the summer.”

“We are delighted to welcome V Hypersound & Light to the Renkus-Heinz family,” said
Poplawski. “We share many of the same values, not least the great after-sales care
that Vassos and Kypros both emphasise. There are many opportunities for Renkus-
Heinz in Cyprus, and I believe we have found the ideal partner for this country.”