At Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt, Riedel Communications will showcase its latest
innovations in real-time signal distribution, intercom, and networking for the full
range of broadcast and live performance applications. Riedel’s product line reflects
the company’s continued support of standards and interoperability, ongoing
development and expansion of software app-based solutions, and ground-breaking
concept of decentralized signal routing.

Riedel’s all-new wireless communications solution will make its global debut at
Prolight + Sound 2017. Working seamlessly with Riedel’s Artist digital matrix
intercom platform, the new system delivers unprecedented performance and
category-defining density, clarity, range, and elegance to wireless communications.

The RSP-2318 SmartPanel offers features and capabilities that enrich the user
experience and change the way broadcasters and A/V professionals communicate.
The world’s first control panel designed to serve as a powerful multifunctional user
interface, the 1-RU SmartPanel boasts a unique feature set that includes three high-
resolution, sunlight-readable, multitouch colour displays; premium-quality stereo
audio; a multilingual character set; and 18 keys. The powerful user interface can be
further expanded through the use of apps such as the Intercom App, which
transforms the SmartPanel into an innovative and smart intercom panel, and the
MediorNet Control App, which effectively consolidates two panels into one for full
intercom and control functionality.

The SmartPanel provides standard AES67 and AVB connectivity, with AES3 over
CAT/coax optional. Additional features include exchangeable headset connectors for
mono or stereo applications, an integrated power supply, individual volume controls
for each key, two USB ports, two Ethernet connectors, GPIO, audio I/O, an option
slot, a removable gooseneck microphone, an SD card slot, and an HDMI output.

The MediorNet Control App is the second app developed for Riedel’s innovative
SmartPanel interface. By equipping the SmartPanel with the new MediorNet Control
App, users effectively consolidate two panels into one for full intercom and control
functionality. In addition to linking the SmartPanel directly into the Riedel MediorNet
media network as a dedicated control panel, the new MediorNet Control App — in
combination with the existing Intercom App — gives users simultaneous intercom
functionality, enabling them to route, control, and communicate all at once using a
single 1-RU system.

With the Intercom App and MediorNet Control App running in parallel, the
SmartPanel serves as a robust and highly cost-effective A/V control system. As
Riedel continues to develop apps for the SmartPanel, users will gain increasing
capabilities that help to optimize signal transport and production workflows.

At Prolight + Sound 2017, Riedel will demonstrate the new HandsFree App for its
SmartPanel — the world’s first key panel designed as a powerful multifunctional
user interface. Stay tuned!

Riedel’s Artist offers the industry’s most powerful matrix platform for intercom and
the distribution of analogue audio, digital audio, and Ethernet data signals over a
fibre-based network backbone. At Prolight + Sound 2017, Riedel will demonstrate
the seamless integration of the distributed Artist platform with the company’s all-
new wireless communications system and SmartPanel user interface, bringing
unprecedented performance, flexibility, and robustness to production