Earlier this week SACIA signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the TechForum
SA community that reflects a desire by both organisations that the freelance
community be absorbed within SACIA’s TPSA special interest group.

Both organisations have nominated individuals to participate in a task group
responsible for preparing a formal recommendation that will be presented to the
SACIA Board and the TechForum interim committee. Both organisations anticipate that
the task group will prepare and present a recommendation before 30 April 2017. Both
groups have agreed that discussions within the task group will be confidential – no
further information beyond this intent will be shared in the group until the task group
has prepared and submitted their recommendation. The document was signed by
Aubrey Ndaba on behalf of TechForum SA, and by Kevan Jones on behalf of SACIA.

A key aspect of this MOU revolves around the TPSA brand, and the perception that this
is a representation of an oppressive regime that diminishes the role of freelance crew.
The task group has a specific mandate to explore the possibility of rebranding the
TPSA group and/or the values associated with it.