Nominations for The Southern African Communications Industry Association (SACIA) board opened at 8:00 am on Wednesday 16 May and will close on at midnight on 21 May.

SACIA executive director, Kevin Jones, would like to remind members that voting is only open to members in good standing with the Association and that all eligible voters should have received a unique Elector ID and password that provides access to the online voting system.

SACIA is committed to a voting process that is fair and transparent, and the online SIMPLY VOTING system provides a full audit path to ensure our elections are credible, and that our Board members can be held to account.

“It is important that all members participate fully in the election process, so if you have received your Elector ID, please cast your vote in favour of your preferred candidates, which can be previewed on the Simply Voting website at this link.

If you are eligible to vote in the SACIA elections and have not received your unique Elector ID and password, please contact SACIA for further information.