According to Kevin Jones, managing director of SACIA, one of the key components of SACIA’s governance model is that it has a board of directors elected from amongst its membership. The association has also established a number of councils responsible for leadership within its various special interest groups, including the TPSA Council, Event Safety Council, ProAV Council, Broadcast Industry Group, Content Creation Council, and Education Council.

The term of office for the SACIA Board comes to an end in May. Therefore, the association is calling for nominations from individuals who are both competent and willing to serve on the SACIA Board. Jones points out that Individuals nominated need to be either individual or corporate SACIA members, and in good standing with the association.

“Our preference is that individuals nominated for service on the board will already have been actively involved in one of the SACIA Councils, and will have leadership experience within the association – or in similar associations active within the communications industry,” Jones states

The SACIA board is responsible for:

  • Setting the long-term strategic vision for the association
  • Securing and protecting the resources required to achieve the association’s mission
  • Engaging in outreach programmes and acting as ambassadors for the association and its various special interest groups
  • Appointing the executive director and providing oversight to ensure that SACIA’s activities are aligned with the long-term strategic vision.

“It is important to recognise that participation in the Board and Councils is a voluntary activity, and the role is strategic rather than operational. Both the council and the board aim to meet four times a year, with additional meetings scheduled using GoToMeeting. Meetings have been held in Johannesburg, but it is up to each board and council to define when they meet, where they meet, and how often they meet,” Jones explains.

Nomination forms for the SACIA Board are available for download at and close at 5 pm on Thursday 12 April. Kindly return completed nominations to Kevan Jones via email at