Sets, Drapes, Screen (SDS) took delivery of an additional 14 AV Stumpfl screens (a mixture of the manufacturer-patented FullWhite® borderless screens and wide-format screens), this May. The new stock will be evenly deployed between the Cape Town and Johannesburg branches to ensure a mirrored stock holding in both centres.

The busy set company has also invested in the same make of borderless screens tailor-made for the Cape Town International Convention Centre where sister Company INHOUSE Venue Technical Management is the venue’s in-house supplier.
“The trend in conferencing and corporate events leans strongly toward borderless 16:9 or wide screen formats’ says SDS’ Managing Director, Pieter Joubert, “even on music concerts most screens are in the 16.9 format now but these screens are especially useful in the conferencing arena, providing a lightweight, quick-to-assemble screen with an exceptionally clean finish that appears to float in space. The screen is aptly named (no borders, no depth just full white screen surface) as it wraps neatly around an aluminium frame and with the absence of a truss border, this is a competitively priced product as well.’

SDS has also increased their Gerriets screen stock with a range of screens. These are good multiple-use screens with wide viewing angles. The Gerriets products offer excellent soft edge diffusion, wider viewing angles and superior colour.

“We are just keeping in line with the latest technology,’ says Pieter. “SDS prides itself on the quality of the products we deliver and these are among the best’